Random things I learned today


After all the craziness with the kids’ schedule over the past few weeks, it was so nice to finally have the house to myself again today. It was the first “normal” day we’ve had around here for a while.

On my normal, uneventful day I learned:

1.Honey flavored yogurt is not for me. I like yogurt and I like honey, but when I tasted them together I was not impressed. Lately I’ve been following the Greek yogurt craze. I get that one claim to fame of Greek yogurt is that it has less of the sour flavor of regular yogurt. I definitely like that. But…when you add an overwhelming honey flavor on top of the semi-sweet Greek yogurt, it was just way too sweet for me.

2. I find Thin Mints to be rather repulsive. I know…repulsive is a strong word…but they’re just not my style. I know that as one who dislikes Thin Mints that I am in the minority. However, in my house I am not. We never order Thin Mints because none of us like them….until this year when my son expressed an interest in them. So, as I sat here today and opened the box for him, I actually found myself kind of disgusted by the smell. Tommy, on the other hand, LOVES that he gets the whole box to himself.

3.If I ever had to go on a diet that involved restricting my carb intake, I would die. Ok…so death is a bit extreme, but it would really suck. Today when I was at the grocery store I was drawn to the bakery section by the smell of freshly baked bread. (Of course, it didn’t help that I skipped breakfast.) I bought some bread to go with the soup I’m making tonight, but I also bought another small baguette-like bread. When I got to the car, I put all the groceries in the back except for that baguette which I took up front, tore a chunk off and proceeded to eat it right there in the parking lot. What can I say? Carbs are my weakness!

I love that today was so utterly uneventful that I had time to notice, ponder and smile about these little things.


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