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Really…you don’t have a pirate themed cake??


Last week I went to the bakery at the grocery store to look for a cake for the pirate party.  When I finally finished wading through all the the licensed images that they can put on cakes these days, I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t much else to choose from.  They had a single page of generic images like hearts, flowers, balloons and butterflies.  The lady behind the counter asked if there was something she could help me with.  I explained that I wanted a cake for a pirate themed party, not a licensed image of the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD cover.  No such luck.  This is when I should have left, but I continued on.  I told here that I was picturing a treasure map, which could probably be done as a modification on a beach theme.  You would not believe the blank look I got.  She then turned to her manager who had no more creative vision than the first woman.

If you’ve ever seen the Cake Wrecks blog, you know what was going through my mind at that point.  I was imagining the many ways they could’ve butchered my treasure map idea.  Then, the manager told me that I could bring in a picture.  Again, I was not reassured by this idea.  That was my cue to leave.  With images like these running through my head, there’s no way I would’ve ordered a treasure map cake from them.

I’m happy to say that the nearby bakery, which I should have gone to in the first place, was more than happy to make me a pirate treasure map cake.  In fact, they’ve done them before and even had pictures.  Phew!  Those wrecks would’ve given me nightmares!


Lazy days around our house


It always seems like I go through a dry spell with pictures after Christmas.  I’ve been gathering and organizing pictures for my mom…several years worth of kids photos.  In doing so, I’ve figured out that this is not just my imagination.  This year, I took pictures a few days after Christmas and then I didn’t take anything again until February 6th.  Eek!  Anywho…just thought I’d share a few pics from lazy days around our house, mostly from the past couple of weeks.  😉

Here’s my little princess helping me make some of our yummy Super Bowl treats.

And here’s my big boy sporting his brand new glasses and waiting for the game to start.

My little ham…showing off some her new Christmas goodies and having an afternoon of dress-up.

And here are a few from last week’s big snow:

A good laugh


My kids made me laugh yesterday.  It was a good laugh, which was particularly surprising given how lousy I felt.  (I spent the greater portion of the day in bed with a horrible ear infection.)

They were singing this little song on the way home from gymnastics. 

A little peanut sat upon the track

his heart was all a flutter

When around the bend came number 10

Choo, choo peanut butter!

It wasn’t just the words that made me laugh.  It was the whole moment.  There was just something about the way they were singing…singing together and with such enthusiasm.  Perhaps it was just the happiness that comes with being a kid!

Seriously People?!?!


On practically a daily basis, I find myself shaking my head in disgust as I walk through the parking lot at work. A vast majority of those with whom I work are well educated individuals. At least on paper.  But, when it comes to where and how to park a car, some of them fall severely short.

First, there’s one guy who, for about 2 weeks straight, would pull his Honda Odyssey into a parking space completely crooked.  Seriously, no one in their right mind would park on either side of him for fear of him taking out their car on his way out.  I considered the possibility that this was a strategic move on his part…to prevent people from parking too close.  No…don’t think so.

Then, there are the people who think they’re too good for rules and laws and such.  They arrive at work late enough every day that they are unable to find an empty parking space in that lot.  It’s not the fact that they arrive late that I have a problem with.  After all, my son’s school schedule causes me to be amongst the later crowd myself.  What I do have a problem with is the way these individuals choose to “solve” their problem.  They don’t adjust their schedules.  They don’t go park in the neighboring lot.  They park in the FIRE LANE!  The same people…probably 2-3 times a week.  Seriously…how important do you think you are that you can park your car in the fire lane??  Has it not dawned on you that the fire lane serves an actual purpose?  And, even better yet, some days they double park in the fire lane.  Of course, security issues tickets…but those are just a joke.  I’m wondering how many times they can ticket the same car before they just up and have it towed at the owner’s expense.

My favorite lately though, is the person who has decided to change things up a bit.  Rather than always parking illegally in the fire lane, she has been seen parking in other no parking zones.  I wonder what she was thinking the day that she parked her minivan in the “Motorcycle Parking” section.

It’s going to be one of those weeks.


It’s going to be one of those weeks…I can just tell.  A few short weeks ago, I was motivated to change the way things flow in our house.  In particular, the weeknight menu.  I preached to the children about how they would be expected to try the new recipes I would be preparing.  (with the trade-off being that I would promise to make at least one kid-friendly meal a week.)  We were also going to work on cleaning out the freezer.  The first week went really well, with the kids actually enjoying one of the new meals.  Since then though, things have been a bit sluggish.  And this week, I can just see things grinding to a halt.

I haven’t done a major grocery shopping trip for 2 weeks now.  Last week, I threw together a short list and managed to pick up some of the dinner foods and a few staple items.  This week, I haven’t even gotten that far.  I sent my husband to pick up yogurt and waffles after church on Sunday, but that’s about it.  Sure, I have the whole freezer full of this month’s Market Day order that I picked up on Saturday, but that was supposed to be for the whole month.

Truth be told…last night’s dinner was a joke.  The kids started eating when we got home.  It was a trail of food, with a little 1st grade homework plopped in the middle.  I think Tommy ate yogurt and an apple, a stick of cheese, a bagel with cream cheese, and a couple of what he calls “crickets on a log.”   (Celery sticks with peanut butter, topped with more peanuts.)  Anna had yogurt and her own version of “logs” with what she refers to as “walnarts.”  (Known to most as walnuts.)   Sure…its all pretty good food and certainly carries plenty of protein, but it just carried on and on.  I enjoyed a snack of peanut butter on a spoon to hold me over until hubby brought home Mexican carry-out.  Hardly my vision of weeknight family dinner.

We may not be off to a good start, but I’m going to try to fight it.  Tonight, there will be a reasonable dinner on the table.  Even if the kids still end up eating the crazy mix of food again, I want it to at least all arrive on one plate.  There will be real food prepared and consumed by hubby and myself…perhaps that tasty Mahi Mahi from the freezer.  And, if I’m lucky, I’ll even get the dishwasher loaded.

Fabulous Photography!


I simply HAD to share this link for a recent post on a fabulous photography blog. These Dahlias are stunning!  I personally love Dahlias.  As you might have seen in my post earlier this week, I do have some Dahlias of my own.  But…they are not nearly as spectacular as the ones photographed by Patty Hankins.  (Nor are my photography skills anything like Patty’s.)