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Change is a funny thing


Change is a funny thing.  At times, I crave change.  I need change to keep things from getting dull and stale.  I do change better than many others probably do, but I still have my fair share of issues.

First, it is important to know that I am a bit of a control freak.  The other thing to know is that I am a very emotional person. 

When it comes to change, the best case scenario is when I’m driving that bus.  If I have made the decision to head on to something new, then I am able to look forward to the destination and end up putting blinders on through the journey.  Not always a good thing, but usually less of an emotional blow.  If I don’t unpack the emotions until I arrive at the destination and am fully immersed in some new, fun thing, then they aren’t as overwhelming.

But, when change is brought upon me, I am forced to deal with it.  If I’m not driving the bus of change, I am likely not as invested in the new destination.  I am more likely to see, and give notice to all the emotional road signs along the journey.  More advanced notice isn’t always helpful, as it gives me more time to stop and dwell on things.  On the other hand, short notice has its pitfalls too.

At this point, you might be thinking of all the unexpected changes that may befall a mother of 2 children, and you might find yourself wondering how on earth I cope.  The short answer there…I roll with the punches and take things one day at a time.  I have to keep things in perspective and keep my sights set on the bigger picture.

There is definitely change brewing in my life over the next several months.  A major portion of that change is my doing.  I am definitely driving the bus of change for me and my family, and it is very exciting.  But yesterday, my bus of change was hit by another bus.  That other bus did not completely throw me off my course, but it will likely require me to stop and assess the damage.