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The Last Hurrahs of Summer


This week was our last full week of summer.  The kids start school on Wednesday.  Having just returned from vacation, I purposely didn’t schedule any camps or anything for this week because I thought we might just have a lazy week.  We did a couple of lazy days, but that’s really all that my kids can handle in one week.  By early Wednesday, they were driving me nuts.  They were sassy with me and fighting with each other.  I knew I had to break the cycle, so I packed up snacks, a book, and a comfy chair and we headed off to the biggest park around here.   Seriously…this park is unbelievable.  It has 3 separate playground areas (maybe more), a huge sand pit, swings, and a giant climbing structure.  We were there for 3 ½ hours!

Thursday morning, I cut them off from the hours of morning TV they’d been watching and started giving them chores to do again. LegoMan was far more cooperative than Ladybug, but I didn’t let that stop us from having a good afternoon.  LegoMan got the choice of activities and chose to go see the Smurf movie.  We ran a few errands, went to the movie, ran a few more errands, and came home for dinner.  Overall, a good afternoon…and a very cute movie, by the way.  After dinner, LegoMan was rewarded for his earlier cooperation with the privledge of renting a DS game.

After another morning of chores that played out much the same way as yesterday, we ‘re off at our fun outing of the day for today.  As I speak, the kids are running around like complete and total crazies at an indoor playground.  Imagine a fast food playland, only larger and MUCH cleaner.  They are having a blast.  And I am having an even bigger blast sitting here with my own thoughts and watching them enjoy themselves.  We were here over spring break and, as one would expect, it was insane.  It was very crowded, hectic, and loud.  Today it is so much better.  I think some of the area schools may have already started back.  Plus, it’s a nice day out so some are probably basking in the sun at an outdoor venue.  All the better for us.

FYI: My children really know how to play. We ended up being at the playland on Friday for 4 1/2 hours.  We shut the place down.


A good laugh


My kids made me laugh yesterday.  It was a good laugh, which was particularly surprising given how lousy I felt.  (I spent the greater portion of the day in bed with a horrible ear infection.)

They were singing this little song on the way home from gymnastics. 

A little peanut sat upon the track

his heart was all a flutter

When around the bend came number 10

Choo, choo peanut butter!

It wasn’t just the words that made me laugh.  It was the whole moment.  There was just something about the way they were singing…singing together and with such enthusiasm.  Perhaps it was just the happiness that comes with being a kid!