A note from your beloved dog


Dear Mommy,

Thank you so much for taking me on such a nice long walk today. It was just what I needed after being stuck in the house while you were at school yesterday. I know you didn’t want to go out on such a gloomy, dreary day but I’m really glad you did. Thank you for taking that fall to avoid stepping on me when I ran right in front of you. Thank you for brushing yourself off and continuing the walk instead of turning around and taking me home. I’m sorry that I wrapped us around a tree while I was barking at those dogs in their yard. I tried to be good…really I did…but I just get so excited when I see other dogs.

I know you thought that 3.5 miles was enough to wear me out, but I don’t really feel all that tired right now. Will you please consider taking me on an even longer walk next week? I hear that my friends walk 4-5 miles every day.

Your favorite pup,



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