If you’re wondering, “who is this crazy lady and what is she talking about?” this might help:

I am an organizationally challenged, 30-something mom of 2 kids with a house in the burbs. I enjoy cooking and hate laundry. I am a former working mom gone stay-at-home-mom/student. After 9 years as a chemist, I decided it was time for a change. Back in school, I am now studying Occupational Therapy.

Aaron is my husband of 9 years.  He is an electrical engineer and, as a result, will not be defeated by a problem.  He is persistent, and is always willing to put in whatever time it takes to investigate a problem and its potential solutions.  His attention to detail is amazing.  Generally speaking, all great character traits.  Can be a bit of a pain when I just want to give in and call a professional, or when it gets really tense because he has hit a road block.

Tommy is my 8 year old son. He is obsessed with Legos. He is a high energy little boy and can sometimes be a bit difficult to control.  He is very intelligent, creative, and artistic. He also has ADHD. Officially, he’s the hyperactive type, but we see signs of the inattentive as well. He also has some mild sensory processing issues that keep life interesting for us too.

Anna is my 6 year old daughter.  She’s incredibly cute, and she knows it.  She knows that her cute can get her what she wants and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.  She loves to dance and sing.  She loves animals, especially dogs and cats. She’s just starting first grade and tells us almost daily that she wants to be a veterinarian.  She is so much like me…and that worries me.

Porter is our new doggy.  He’s been a part of our family since May of this year.  He’s over a year old, so is full grown, but still acts much like a little puppy with a lot to learn.  If there is such a thing as doggy ADHD, Porter is the poster dog for it.  He is very energetic and playful, but when he’s out in public he’s very easily distracted and thus a bit difficult to control.  His breed is a hunting dog, so he’ll chase pretty much anything that moves.



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