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Keep your child safe


Nearly everyday for the past several weeks, I have watched a dad drop his 1st grade daughter off for school, and have seen that she is riding in the front seat.  I thought to myself, “Surely that can’t be legal.”  To tell you the truth though, I’m not as sharp about carseat laws as I used to be.    So, I looked it up.   It’s not illegal…but it is highly recommended that all children ages 12 and under ride in the backseat.  Doing so will significantly reduce their risk of injury from deployment of passenger side airbags in a crash.  So, maybe you’re trying to score some “cool dad” points with your daughter, but you’re certainly not scoring the “safe dad” points.  And perhaps you’re thinking that you only live 3 blocks from school so its no big deal.  What’s that statistic about accidents that happen within a half mile of the home??

And another thing…for the people who live across the street from the school.  Could you and your children PLEASE use the crosswalk?!  I know, that would require you to walk another 100 or 200 feet, but that’s what it’s there for.  There is just so much traffic moving on the street at that time of day that it is unsafe to be crossing the street like that.  I know, I know…you walk with your children, and you all look both ways…that’s great.  That doesn’t change the fact that you’re crossing diagonally, just past a curve in the road and there are cars, vans and buses galore going up and down the street.  

Oh, and the same goes for those moms and dads who drop off but, for whatever reason, park in the parking lot and walk up with your kids.  Yes, you’re in a school parking lot with other moms and dads who are aware that there are tons of children around…but it still a parking lot.  Please pay attention to your children so that they don’t dart out in front of moving vehicles.

OK…I’ll get down off my soap box, at least for now.