I hadn’t realized


When we discussed how soon we were going to get a new dog, I was very much in favor of the sooner the better. Of course, I knew that the kids had to be ready for it. That wasn’t really a hurdle. Anna had been wanting a new dog for a while anyways. Tommy was indifferent.

It was just 3 days since we had put Patches down, and I was already walking through the kennels at our local shelter. Sure, part of it was selfish. I was the one who would have to be alone that week in my now empty house. The kids would be at school and Aaron would be at work. I had a final that Monday, but then I was done with classes. As much as I like my “me” time, I wasn’t looking forward to it that week.

Like I said, I was walking through the kennels and was completely overwhelmed. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, young dogs. Information overload! I went back out front and had a staff member make a list of the dogs that met our basic criteria. The dog had to be less than 4 years old, cat and kid friendly. I didn’t mention our desired weight/size of dog…figured I could handle that detail. I walked back through the kennels and was able to narrow that list down to 4 dogs. 2 of those dogs were there and I was interested in meeting them. The other 2 stayed on my list because they weren’t in their kennels at the time and I couldn’t eliminate them sight unseen. The girl brought in my first choice, must-see dog. This dog’s face had grabbed my attention on their website days ago. Great dog…but really just too much dog for us. The next dog I wanted to see was in with another family, so she went to get the third dog. Being that this was one of the ones I hadn’t seen in the kennels, I had absolutely no idea what would be walking in that door.

When “Hooch” walked in the room, I was hooked! He was such a gorgeous dog. He was just over a year old, weighed 25 pounds, and was very playful. I knew we had to have him. I called my husband and told him that it was this dog or no dog that day.  He was the only one there that fit the bill. Off I went to pick up the rest of the fam to come and meet this little pup.  A couple of hours later, we were headed home with our new pooch.

“Hooch” is now Porter, and he fits in with our family very well…perhaps a little too well!

Are we crazy? Perhaps. Was it a bad idea? Absolutely not.  It only took me a couple of days to realize that having Porter around really made me happy.  He probably saved me from an ugly rut that that I could easily have landed in with Patches gone. Actually, I was probably already headed into that rut for a while, but I hadn’t realized it. Having Porter around has helped me to see that.


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