Stress. Oh, how I despise thee.


A few weeks back, things around here were pretty stressful. First, there was a week where the kids were out of control. It felt like were just running me over, again and again. The following Monday, I had high hopes for a better start to the week. No such thing. Monday morning: washer was dead. Tuesday: spent the day waiting for the new washer to be delivered. Wednesday morning: dryer will run, but will not heat. Seriously?! Everything that week was off schedule and/or backed up. All the extra running around to accommodate these things simply ate up whatever down time I might have had.

I don’t do well without my personal time. Sure, there’s time in the evenings after the kids go to bed, but that time is usually spent on household stuff. Since I left my job, I have learned that the 1 hour I have between the end of my class and the end of the childrens’ school day is critical to my sanity. My life these days consists of 3 main things: the kids, the house, and my classes. Over the previous 2 weeks, the kids and the house had each taken a week to kick my butt. Looking ahead to the following week, I knew that school was going to be the challenge. I had 4 tests spread over 8 days. Yes, that was likely going to suck, but at least I knew it was coming. Oh, and don’t forget Tommy’s 1st Communion on day 6 of those 8. I just needed to get through the next week or so and then things would settle down.

That Friday, the kids were off of school. In the midst of our day off of school slow start, I noticed something odd about the dog. He seemed unusually skinny. Perhaps my imagination? Nope. When I weighed him, I found that he had lost 2.5-3 pounds.  For most dogs, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but Patches only weighed 12-13 pounds to begin with. None of us could remember the last time we saw him eat. Being a dog who had a life-long intestinal condition, I just assumed that his lack of appetite had something to do with that. I know this is going to sound horrible, but I didn’t have time for this. Unfortunately, life’s ups and downs don’t always fit on the calendar .

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