Really…you don’t have a pirate themed cake??


Last week I went to the bakery at the grocery store to look for a cake for the pirate party.  When I finally finished wading through all the the licensed images that they can put on cakes these days, I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t much else to choose from.  They had a single page of generic images like hearts, flowers, balloons and butterflies.  The lady behind the counter asked if there was something she could help me with.  I explained that I wanted a cake for a pirate themed party, not a licensed image of the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD cover.  No such luck.  This is when I should have left, but I continued on.  I told here that I was picturing a treasure map, which could probably be done as a modification on a beach theme.  You would not believe the blank look I got.  She then turned to her manager who had no more creative vision than the first woman.

If you’ve ever seen the Cake Wrecks blog, you know what was going through my mind at that point.  I was imagining the many ways they could’ve butchered my treasure map idea.  Then, the manager told me that I could bring in a picture.  Again, I was not reassured by this idea.  That was my cue to leave.  With images like these running through my head, there’s no way I would’ve ordered a treasure map cake from them.

I’m happy to say that the nearby bakery, which I should have gone to in the first place, was more than happy to make me a pirate treasure map cake.  In fact, they’ve done them before and even had pictures.  Phew!  Those wrecks would’ve given me nightmares!

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