The storm has passed


After the whole swimsuit issue with the kids a couple of weeks ago, things were a bit tense.  I needed to see a few good days before I could get rid of that cynical edge I had.  Unfortunately, things got worse before they got better.  There was some (still unexplained) misunderstanding that caused my children to be left off the list for cooking class at daycare.  This class is part of the package I paid for, and so I was terribly frustrated when I found out about this.  The first person I tried to get an explanation from is someone with whom I do not have a good, solid working relationship.  I voiced my concerns, but I didn’t like the explanation she gave me and I certainly didn’t feel like my situation was resolved.  As a result, Thursday was another day of stewing and wondering what was going to happen next.

Friday morning, that all changed.  The director was back in the office, and was aware of my situation.  We had a chat that morning.  She understood why I was so incredibly frustrated.  She understood that having these 2 things happen in such close proximity had really left a bad taste in my mouth.  She is concerned about parent satisfaction with their center.  She also knows that when mistakes like this happen, you need to compensate for the lost service.  As a result, my kids have earned a free session of swimming lessons.  (Which, by the way, they are thoroughly enjoying!)  After that conversation, I felt like I could let go of this whole mess.  I felt like I had voiced my conerns and that they had been addressed.

Since then, we’ve had good days.  No surprises in the evenings…just happy, exhausted kids.  🙂


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