The aftermath


Recent events have left me very cynical.  There are a number of people whom I no longer trust…at least not 100%.  I feel like I’m just waiting to see who’s going to mess up next.  Waiting to see who’s going to challenge me next.  Waiting to see who I can catch in the wrong.

I followed the new rule with the kids today.  Despite the fact that it was pouring rain and forecasted to continue doing so all morning, I put the kids in their swimsuits and slathered them with sunscreen before they left.  Why?  Because I follow the rules.  That’s how I am.  Truth be told though, I seriously considered not doing it, just for today.  But I didn’t want to risk it…on the off chance that the sky opened up and the sun shone down right as it was time to go to the pool.  Were there parents who didn’t follow this rule today?  Probably.  Was it because of the weather?  Probably not.  Most parents who weren’t following the rules last week aren’t suddenly going to be following them this week just b/c a reminder note went home.  Sure, some parents might have been unaware of the rules, but many probably just don’t care enough to bother with rules.

As a result of my decision to follow this rule, I spent most of the morning wondering if anyone noticed that my kids were in their swimwear, and if they had been given the opportunity to change.  Seriously, that’s how little I trust some people right now.  Do I really want to spend any/all of my idle time at work worrying about that kind of stuff?? No.  But I think it’s going to be this way for a while.

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