What a train wreck!


Two weeks ago, we just had one of those days with Tommy.  I had started to write about it and then never finished.  (yes, the story of my life these days!)  Thought today that I would resurrect the draft and finish it off.

Yesterday Tuesday, 2 weeks ago, was a train wreck.  Not so much for me, but for Tommy.  Now, as his mother, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.  Today The next day I am was feeling so worn down as a result of the day’s events.  My husband says that we “won” the standoff that happened that night, but I just don’t feel that way.

Lets start with the silly bandz.  If you’re not familiar, they’re the lastest craze for the kids.  They’re rubberbands shaped like anything from animals to cars to guitars.  They wear them as bracelets, by the dozen.  I’m sure there’s all kinds of trading going on at school too!  At first I was reluctant to give in to this, but when I found that the cost about $2 a pack I decided to go for it.  I bought each of my children a single pack.  Knowing Tommy and his tendency to “trade” his personal belongings and somehow come back empty handed, I told he would not be allowed to wear them to school.  Yesterday That Tuesday, he challenged me on that, and I decided to give him a chance.  I made it very clear to him in the morning that if he got in trouble because he was playing with them, he would NEVER wear them to school again. 

When I picked him up yesterday for OT, I couldn’t help but notice that he only had about half as many of them as he did when he left for school.  I asked what happened to them and he told me “I lost them.”  That’s code for “Mommy, don’t ask me because I don’t want to tell you.”  I pressed on.  I asked him how he was able to lose so many of them.  I could see him getting squirmy in his seat.  I told him that I wanted the truth.  “Mommy, they broke.”  OK…how?  “When I was trying to put them on my ankles during gym class.”  Seriously???  Where was the gym teacher?  What did he have to say about this?  What were you supposed to be doing during gym class?  And did you really take these one by one and try to put them on your ankles, seeing 8 of them break before you finally decided to stop?? *deep breath* “OK Tommy, thank you for telling me the truth.  You will not be allowed to wear them to school again.”  We continued on our merry way.

When we got to OT and we started to get out of the car, I was hit with my 2nd shock of the afternoon.  I looked down to see that he had reconstructed his sandals…his sandals that he has only worn about a dozen times.  This is not the first problem we’ve had with Tommy and shoes.  This is not the first problem we’ve had with Tommy and these shoes.  They used to look like this:

Notice the elastic drawstring?  That’s the culprit here.  He is so fascinated by elastic that he finds himself needing to play with it.  A couple weeks ago before, he was wearing them with the elastic piece pulled all the way around the bottom of the shoe, so that he was walking on the little plastic grippy piece.  The next day, he came home from school and the loop had snapped and he told me they were broken.  I shoved the loose end of the band back through the grippy and tied a knot.  All better…until yesterday that infamous Tuesday.  When I saw his shoes, both plastic grippies were missing, the bands have been yanked out of the top loops of the shoes and tied in about 4 knots.  He says he did it during lunch, but I don’t buy it.  One of those loops was still intact when he left the house yesterday, so there must have been a tool involved in severing the loop.

As if that wasn’t enough…later that evening I discovered a small stack of Pokemon cards stuffed under his booster seat in the back of the van.  Just the day before, I had grabbed that booster out of my husband’s car to have for karate carpool…so I know that seat had only been there for 1 day.  He either brought the cards home from school on Monday and then pulled them out Tuesday morning (when he was so eager to get in the van for school) or he came home with them on Tuesday.  When asked about them that evening, he first tried to tell me that they were his…but I knew from one quick inspection of the cards that they were not.  We pressed on him a bit more only to be told that he “couldn’t remember” where he got them from.

From there, it’s all a bit of a blur now.  We sat with him for a lengthy discussion about lies and about destroying his belongings.

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