anyone fluent in 1st grader?


While there is an expectation that 1st graders will demonstrate more responsibility than they did in Kindergarten, I still think that a few basic rules apply.  The one that I have in mind today…

If there isn’t a note from the teacher about it, then it likely isn’t true.

No, I don’t expect the teacher to send home notes about everything, but the most important, critical information definitely does come to us in writing and not by word of mouth from a 6 year old. 

Last night at dinner, my son said something about school lunch today.  It went something like this…”Mommy, the teacher said that we have to bring something for lunch tomorrow that we don’t have to throw away.”  I admit, I dismissed the comment at that time.  We were trying to get dinner on the table, but Tommy was still struggling (big time) with completing his homework.  I thought perhaps he was just trying to run a diversion so that he might get out of finishing his assignment.  I had fully intended to go back and try to decipher it.  Unfortunately, I forgot.

This morning, his statement popped into my head again, but it was one of our more chaotic mornings.  We were very crunched for time, so I didn’t mention it to him.  After all, I pay for him to get school lunch, so what he “brings” for lunch is non-issue in our house.  But, as we raced into the circle drive a mere 3 minutes before the bell was to ring, he said it again.  There was a sense of panic in his voice, that seems to have stuck with me today. 

Tommy: “Mommy!  The lunch thing!” 

Me: “There wasn’t a note in your folder, so you’ll get school lunch like you always do.”

Tommy: “but Mommy…the teacher SAID!!!”

Me: “What Tommy, what exactly did she say?”

Tommy: “She said that we’re supposed to bring something for lunch that we don’t have to throw away.”

Me: “Well…I didn’t have a note, so I don’t know what that means.  I’m sure you’ll have lunch today.”

The fact that he said the exact same thing both times is a bit troubling to me.  I’m very curious to see how this little story ends.  Anyone else fluent enough in 1st grader speak to venture a guess as to what the teacher might have actually said??  Did I make a fatal mommy mistake??

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  1. i can only decipher it as this: last week was earth day and they were probably supposed to bring a reusable container filled with a tasty snack for lunch. we got a worksheet home from kindergarten where we were to check off all the ways we save energy. reusable containers were on the list. we can only wait and see what the outcome will be!!

    • Ha! I have figured it out! I went online and opened up last Friday’s school newsletter and there it was, clear as day (on page 7)…
      today is “Waste Free Lunch Day”. They’re trying to reduce their garbage by 50% today. 🙂

      I’ve REALLY got to start reading those newsletters on a weekly basis.

  2. Laura, I’m 100% with you on thinking it should come home in writing and I’ve found for the most part the important stuff does. However we’ve gone through two years of kindergarten where BOTH of my children have assured me Thursday’s are sharing days and they’re supposed to bring something to share and I never got a note home. Today started their alphabet count down to the end of the year and last night we got a letter telling us what each day will mean. luckily the first day they need to take something is still a week away. but for the 100th day of school we got the note the day before that thy needed to bring 100 of something to school. hope all is well for him today. If he missed out on something, I’d definitely point it out to the teacher that things like that should come straight from the teacher and not be left up to a first grader to report on.

    • I would like to think that having 2 kids in school next year might keep me more on top of the school-wide events. I’m going to guess that it won’t quite work out like that.

      We had an incident with the 100th day of school too. The weather was lousy and it was possible that they would’ve had a snow day on the 100th day. Tommy’s teacher sent home a note telling parents that if there was a snow day, they should come dressed for the 100th day on the next day of school. Tommy remembered that there was a note, and that it was about the 100th day, but the note was not in his bag. I had to call another mom to find out what it said!

  3. Going paperless throws me off. I’m with the misunderstanding earth day angle. My thinking is that if there isn’t any official note, it isn’t that important, and you can reassure Tommy that what he does for lunch is perfectly acceptable.

    • That was my original logic, but he sounded so concerned about this morning that my internal worry wart starting talking. So I take it then that you didn’t know about “Waste Free Lunch Day” either?

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