Best words I heard all week


Friday morning, I had a meeting with Tommy’s teacher and the school psychologist.  This meeting was to address my request that Tommy be evaluated.  I must admit, I was really nervous going into this meeting.  I knew what I wanted to get out of it, but I had no idea if I would have to fight for it, or if it would just be handed to me.  When the psychologist called me to schedule the meeting, she said that it was to discuss the process, and “when and if” Tommy would be evaluated.  I feared the worst. 

 Like I said, this meeting was their legally required response to my request.  They recognized my concern that he might be falling behind.  Because he is currently performing at grade level, there is no justification for a full evaluation.  But…there are other things that they can and will be doing.  The psychologist will be doing “time on task” observations and the teacher and I will be completing what’s called a Connors Rating Scale.  From this, the psychologist will compile a report and likely make a recommendation that we seek a medical diagnosis.  OK…I’m good with this.  (This is not exactly what I thought we’d get, but I’m glad to see that they want to do something.)  But, one of the biggest questions I still had was about what would happen next year.  Before I even had to ask, they assured me that Tommy is “on the radar” as a student who needs assistance, and that “he will be placed in a supported classroom next year.”  If we do end up with a medical diagnosis, then he will get a 504 plan.

 Umm…wow!  My faith in our school district has definitely been renewed.

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  1. We don’t have anything for Timmy as he is an ideal student when he’s on his meds but I’ve talked to many people about these plans and have recently gotten to know a mom at the boys school who is a child advocate, that’s all she does all day is accompany parents to meetings like this and she said that when possible push for an IEP because it mandates that the things listed be done where a 504 is often treated as a suggestion of things that can be done.
    We have our IEP meeting for Johnny next month but this will be his 3rd and it’s for speech so it’s fairly easy as it’s pretty consistent what they’ll do for him.

    • We’ve been very fortunate this year with his teacher. She has been willing to try quite a bit to help Tommy succeed. I can only hope that we are just as fortunate next year. 504 plan or not, he will need some accomodations. I’m hoping that if I can open the lines of communication with the teacher early in the year that things will go smoothly.

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