Home Project #1: The new bedroom


Recall that earlier in the year I talked about our seemingly endless string of home projects to be tackled.  Well, since then the projects have become more defined.  We’ve made decisions about what we can afford to do now and what can wait until later.  I’m so excited to be able to say that the first of these projects is complete, mostly.

About 8 weeks ago we began construction to convert our loft into our home’s 4th bedroom. Here’s the view from the foyer, before we got started.

Getting started…

At this point, the kids and I headed out with grandma and grandpa for an afternoon at the children’s museum.  When we returned…

Major progress for just one day.  But there was still much more to do.  By last week, much of that work had been completed, so we went ahead and moved Anna in to her new room. (It still needs closet doors and other little details in the closet.)

And…the finishing touches arrived on Wednesday.  We LOVE this fabulous vinyl decal from Simple Shapes.

Now, it’s on to the next project!

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