The process…


No, I didn’t expect the process of working with the school about Tommy’s needs to be a quick and easy one.  But, I probably wouldn’t have scripted quite like it has played out.


  • Send note- request evaluation
  • Wait several days.  Get told that we need to meet first.
  • Schedule meeting.


  • Attend meeting to discuss accommodations.
  • Arrange for vision screening.
  • Implement accommodations.
  • Watch and wait.
  • Learn that after 2 failed screenings Tommy will need an eye exam.
  • Get eye exam and glasses.


  • Attend 2nd meeting to discuss progress.
  • Watch and wait more.


  • Send 2nd note- request assessment.

The most recent “watch and wait more” process spanned 2 months.  I think we were hoping that the glasses would help…and that being able to physically focus with his eyes would help him to focus mentally.  His teacher and I have touched base a bit on his performance during this time.  She has expressed concerns about his difficulty in focusing on tasks, specifically during independent work time.  I confirmed with him that the social worker is still coming to supervise him in the afternoons with packing his backpack.  Seeing as how he forgot his folder on Tuesday, I don’t think he’s improving much in this area. 

When we started this process, I was told that we would implement the accommodations and see how they worked.  I was told that if they didn’t work, that is when he would qualify to be fully evaluated.  OK…so some of the accomodations have worked.  In terms of his sensory issues, he has greatly improved.  (Due largely to his work with his private OT.)   At our meeting 2 months ago, we were all optimistic, confident that he wouldn’t need an eval.  But things have changed since then.  Still having difficulty in the classroom, does that now qualify him for an eval?  Or do we have to implement accommodations that specifically address the focus first?  (gosh, I really hope not!) 

What I’ve been told we need is a cognitive assessment.  Whether or not this results in a diagnosis, it will still provide us with useful information about Tommy’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  This assessment is typically done by a child/school psychologist.  My note to the teacher today explains that we would like to see this done at school.  We’ll see what happens.

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  1. If the school doesn’t get this done quickly enough for your liking, we used an amazing Dr to get Timmy evaluated. It was expensive and only partially covered by insurance but it gave me great comfort in feeling we were doing the right thing with putting him on meds. I can find the name of the practice if you ever need it. The evaluation spans 9 hours and 3 days and it got to be a little hard on him but since that’s all the deal with, they were very patient with him.

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