Oh…it has been too long.


There has been so much going on lately, much of which would be great to reflect on…but there just hasn’t been time.  Where are things at right now?  (a crude attempt at a summary.)

Tommy’s sensory issues seem to be under control at this point.  (Yes, I’m aware that this could change at any time.)  They finally have a new OT at his school.  His teacher has spoken with her about Tommy and, on her recent observations, she sees no sensory issues.  As far as the teacher and I go, the larger “problem” right now is Tommy’s focus.  He is having trouble during free writing time.  He can’t make a decision on a topic.  He is struggling to write 2-3 sentences when his classmates are writing 5+.  He says he “can’t think of what to write.”  The teacher also reports difficulty during independent work time.  He is not completing tasks that she believes are things he is capable of doing.  His OT has been working with him on the writing.  We’re going to try to coach him through the process of descriptive writing.  As for the inattentiveness at other times of the day, I must admit that I am very worried.  This difficulty with focus, plus his general distractibility is unsettling to me.  We’ll have to see what the next couple of months bring.

Anna is moving into a new phase of her own.  We see this every spring as her birthday approaches.  This year, it’s big.  Turning 5 will open up a whole new world for her.  She will get to go to summer camp with the “big kids” and she will go to Kindergarten in the fall.  She wants to be a “big kid” and wants to be independent.  She is not afraid to assert herself or to express her opinions.  Unfortunately these are not always done in the best way.  She insists on doing things by herself, but gets really upset when she can’t do something.    We’ve had a lot of meltdowns and conflict lately.

Household projects are moving right along.  Perhaps not as quickly as I/we had originally planned, but they are still moving.  Anna moved into her new room on Monday.  Granted, it still doesn’t have closet doors, but its definitely livable.  Next up…tearing up more carpet and touching up paint to turn her old room into Tommy’s new room.  For the first time in 6 years, the room I decorated as a nursery is going to be void of all things baby.  I had already let go of most of the furniture items that were originally in that room, but to take the decorations off the walls and turn it into Tommy’s ocean room…that’s going to be major closure for me.  Eek!


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