Precious Moment with my Princess


Monday night, I was fortunate enough to have some quiet time with Anna.  When we came home, Tommy had asked if he could go up and listen to music in his room.  Off he went to dance off some energy by himself.  This is rare for Tommy.  Typically his early evening time is his most needy.  So, I saw this as a great opportunity.

Anna and I cooked dinner together.  She was a perfect little helper.  We were making french toast.  She fetched brown sugar and cinnamon for me as I asked, and returned them when I was done.  She whisked my eggs.  She counted out 2 piles, each of 6 slices of bread.  We even made a math lesson out of it.  I showed her that her 2 piles of 6 could help her determine what 6+6 is.  As I started to dip the bread in the egg mixture, she watched carefully.  As I placed it on the griddle, she asked if she could do the “not hot” parts.  It was so adorable to watch her place each slice of bread so delicately in the egg mixture just as I had done.  We made a great team.  We even snuck in a second math problem.  After we had filled the griddle with 8 slices, we paused to figure out what 12-8 was.  She waited patiently as I flipped the slices one by one.  When they were done she started again, dipping the remaining 4 slices.  When they were all ready, she proudly carried the towering stack of french toast to the dinner table.

These are the moments to cherish.

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