This week has been one of those weeks.  Simply exhausting.

There’s always the nightly craziness of homework, dinner, kids’ showers, and so on.  These things aren’t new, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself adjusted when it comes to the daily routines.  This week has just been a tad bit off of the normal craziness, and that has been enough to lake me over the edge.

I didn’t get the groceries out of the way over last weekend, so that was one more thing I had to squeeze in.  Not usually too much of a problem though, I can usually squeeze them in before I pick up the kids on Monday afternoons.  This week…got my hair cut instead.  Add in a major snow storm, 100th day of school, Valentine parties and parent-teacher conferences, and you’ve got a recipe for one crazy week.  Everything took longer on Tuesday because of the snow and the subsequent need to clear the snow.  Wednesday I squeezed groceries in while Anna was at ballet.  Then it was home for dinner, a shower to scrub the colored hairspray out of Tommy’s hair, a pile of Valentines for Tommy to address, and then off to choir practice.  Tonight, I escaped the craziness of taking the kids to gymnastics, but replaced it with a parent-teacher conference and the PTO bookfair.  There were no surprises there, but it was still an hour of running around at school with 2 kids in tow.

I’m done for the week.  Sure, I have to go to work tomorrow, but then I’m done.  We have family plans tomorrow night, followed by a 3 day weekend.  Saturday I’m planning a lazy day with the kids.  Sunday, I’m making a roast and watching the Daytona 500.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  And Monday, I think I’ll be giving the kids their request for a pajama day.  Perhaps I’ll fit some hopelessly overdue laundry in there too, but no guarantees!

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