Targeting our next goal


This afternoon we had our follow-up SST meeting at school.  We all agree that we have the behavior aspect of Tommy’s school issues under control.  The next goal, as we all agreed upon, is to work on his focus.

The Social Worker has been working one-on-one with him in the afternoons to help him get ready to leave.  This isn’t exactly going well, and I’m not surprised to hear this.  He told us today that he is finding Tommy to be very distracted during these times.  He has a visual schedule that he is supposed to be following for this process and it is not helping.  It brought me great satisfaction to hear the social worker saying this.  No, I’m not happy that Tommy is distractable.  After describing Tommy to him in October and getting the response I did, it was incredibly gratifying to hear that he has also come to this conclusion. 🙂

Focus is also a problem during classroom tasks these days.  His teacher has described him as unfocused and spacey.   Apparently he’s not bothering or even engaging other students.  But he does seem to be severely lacking in his ability to just hunker down and do the assignment at hand.  (Should be interesting to see how his first spelling test goes tomorrow.)

Moving forward, we’re in a bit of a goofy limbo.  I signed a release form today that will allow for communication between the school and his private OT.  Why they didn’t give this to me at the last meeting, I have NO idea!  This should help a ton.  Also, the school OT that we started this process with is “no longer with the district.”  They have hired a new OT, but she doesn’t start for another couple of weeks.  When she starts, she’ll have to be brought up to speed with Tommy. (as well as MANY other students.)  If we have communication open between Kristie and the school staff, I think things will be good.

As we move forward, I’m really starting to see what one of my friends has told me several times already.  This is a process.  We will tackle things one at a time.  Each step of the way, we’ll have to see what comes next.  This afternoon I compared Tommy to an onion.  We’ve peeled away the layer of behavior issues, which has now allowed us to see the focus issue more clearly.  I tend to agree with what the social warker said…with time, we will be better able to see how much of this is sensory and how much is out of Tommy’s control.


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    • Thanks. As we continue to move forward I am becoming more patient with the process. It was hard, at first, to have faith in the system. I’ve certainly learned a lot already.

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