On the right track.


Tommy is having a fabulous week this week.  Tonight he was a bit distracted while doing his homework, but that’s my only real criticism of him since Saturday.  His 2nd Quarter report card came home today, and it shows improvements both academically and socially.  This is all really great news, as we are headed to our 2nd SST meeting tomorrow afternoon.

After what we saw from Tommy last week, his OT reminded me that sensory responses are cumulative.  We are supposed to have a daily communication system between the teacher and myself, but that fell through the cracks last week.  If we had known that he had a rough day on Monday and/or Tuesday, we could’ve really loaded on the sensory input for him to help get him back on track.  Goes to show that I need to stay in tune with Tommy’s behavior trends.  I will also be stressing the importance of this communication when we meet with the team tomorrow.

I am curious to hear more details about how Tommy has been responding to the classroom inverventions these last 4 weeks.  I think there are still some things we discussed at the last meeting that may not have been put in place yet.  So again I am wondering what’s the next step in the process.  Will we be having another follow-up in 6 weeks?  Will we be making changes to some of his accomodations?  What will be the end result of all this paperwork?  Will we get a 504?  How often will we need to adjust his accomodations?  I know I won’t get answers to all of these tomorrow, but I need to get some general feel of where we’re headed.  At least I’m not nervous like I was the night before the first meeting.  🙂

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