Just gotta roll with it


There are always ups and downs with Tommy.  We have a few weeks that are smooth and then we hit a rough patch.  This most recent rough patch caught me off guard.  It wasn’t as bad as the one week we had back in November though, when every day brought something new.  Tommy was running on high most of the week.  He was clearly having trouble with modulation.  His intense emotions were starting to show again.  But why?  I still really don’t know what brought this on, but my gut says that something must be out of place or off schedule for him.

When Tommy went for his OT session this week, I was mentioning to his OT that he had been like this for a few days.  I was so relieved to see him display this right there for her.  She asked if I had heard anything from school, which I had not.  She suggested that perhaps he was just having to work harder to keep it together at school and that he was just completely spent when he got home.  Given the patterns we’ve seen with him in the past, I could totally see this.  She did a lot of heavy work with him that session and tried to get him more settled.  When we left, we still had a ways to go.  Her best advice was to spend the bulk of our evening, from dinner to bedtime, engaging Tommy in calming activities.  Ultimately this should help him get to sleep easier and hopefully sleep better.

Since Tuesday, he has subsided quite a bit, but first we got hit by quite a train on Thurday.  He was completely out of control Thursday evening.  He couldn’t follow directions and was very quick to yell and blame others for everything that wasn’t right for him.  He had only managed to bring home half of what he needed for his homework.  The last straw though…was when I found the note from his teacher that informed me that he’d been struggling in the classroom all week.  ACK!

In the middle of all this chaos, I received a call from the school nurse.  After our SST meeting last month, the team agreed that it would be good for Tommy to get a vision screening.  There are some things that have us concerned about his vision.  When the nurse called, she informed me that he had failed not 1, but 2 different screenings.  She thought it could just be a perception problem, but with knowledge of our family history she became more concerned.  When I asked him about the screenings, he looked at me with this sad face and just said “Mommy, I couldn’t see the letters.”  Poor little guy!  As we tried to prepare him for this eye exam, he was clearly excited about the idea of getting glasses.  I couldn’t believe how eager he was to go to the exam.  I was very proud of him.

So, I still don’t know what’s going on.  But, like I said, he’s subsided quite a bit.  I am optimistic about this week.  Besides being a new week and a fresh start, Tommy will be headed off to school a new young man tomorrow…with his brand new glasses.  We don’t really know how long he’s been struggling with his vision.  It is not likely to be the cause of the trouble this past week or so, but it certainly couldn’t have helped things.  Poor guy doesn’t really know what is missing.  I’m hopeful that being able to see today will help refresh his attitude towards learning.

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