I am the glue


I am the glue that holds our household together.  I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again.  We’ve hit one of those rough patches when the strength of the glue is weakening due to excessive strain.

I am a taxi service.  Tommy to school.  Anna to ballet.  Tommy to OT.  Both kids to gymnastics.  Both kids home from daycare.

I am a homework helper, secretary, and reminder service.  Collect and sort through all the papers that come home from school.  Remember what needs to go back, and when.  (That reminds me…Tommy is supposed to take his robe to school tomorrow.)  Remember if it is library day, gym day, recess day, etc.  Check Tommy’s homework before making sure that he puts it in his folder.  And perhaps I’m also in the restoration business, as last night I dried out the 2nd folder that Tommy has allowed his water bottle to leak on so far this year.  I have to remind my husband to take the appropriate items with our daughter to daycare, and usually have to follow up to be sure it was done properly.  I am a walking calendar for when my huband forgets if we have anything going on.

I am a laundry service.  Since I don’t have time to fold after I wash and dry, I am then required to remember which basket I last saw whose clothes in…lest I spend more of my morning hunting in the baskets.

I do wake-up calls too.  Neither of the children rise by an alarm yet, so they still need to be woken up.  They’re like me…they’re not morning people, so this job sucks.  Worse yet…I also have to remind my husband to get up.  His alarm will go off and he may not even hear it.  If he does, he just snoozes anyways.  (Don’t get me wrong, I snooze too…but I build that time in and set the alarm for an earlier time.)

I am a grocery service and a chef.  And, as I gathered from Tommy this morning, the minute something finds its way to the grocery list, I’m supposed to be dutifully headed off to the store to get it that same day.

I am a cleaning lady, but I wouldn’t pay me very much for the lousy job I do with it.  But, I do provide pick up service for all sorts of stray dishes and trash that seem to find themselves to all corners of the house and go unnoticed to anyone else passing by.

I am the security officer of the house too…making nightly rounds to check all windows and doors and to make sure all lights have been turned off.

On the 2 or 3 nights a week that my husband has been stuck at work lately, I play the role of both parents at once.

Oh…and did I mention that I have a day job?  (not to mention the jewelry business that has taken a back burner to my family life lately.)

Lately, it feels like everyday is just a waiting game to see what my husband’s work needs are going to be.  Last Thursday it was a 16 hour day, followed by a busy Friday that almost kept him late again.  Tuesday he didn’t come home until almost 10.  Tonight, I already know that he won’t be home until after 8.  I’m tired of being the only one who is keeping up with the house.  I’m tired of being the one who has to make sure that everything is “right” in the house.  I need a break.

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