Had to be the bad guy


Had to be the bad guy last night.  Anna was completely out of control.  I could see the beginnings of it at gymnastics.  She was not listening to me at all.  She was goofy and giggly…but not in a cute way.

It subsided a bit when we first got home, but by the time the kids finished dinner it was back.  At that point, Tommy was starting to fall apart and Anna was just feeding off of it.  I was able to keep Tommy in line fairly well, but with my husband still at work, I had no backup to handle Anna.  She was warned, more than once, but she didn’t change her ways.

I think she was a little surprised to see that I was actually going to follow through with it.  I scooped her up off the living room floor, half dressed, and carried her up to her room…while she screamed at the top of her lungs.  I finished putting her PJs on and tucked her in.  No dessert, no TV, and about 20 minutes before bedtime.  She was not happy…but I made my point.

Tommy was waiting for me downstairs, and was a little angel the rest of the night.  He heard me loud and clear.

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