Pleasant Surprise


I have a rule in our house.  I will not start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  It drives me nuts to see Christmas stuff in stores immediately after Halloween.  I think that the radio stations that start playing Christmas music the 1st of November are taking it a bit too far.  I am adamant about this rule mostly because I don’t want my children to overlook Thanksgiving.

But, I must admit that I broke my rule today.  Many of my neighbors went out today to hang their outdoor lights on such a beautiful day.  (Personally, I enjoy a chilly day for hanging lights…makes me feel more in the holiday spirit.)  On our way home from church today, my husband asked me if I would mind if he bought some things to make our house extra festive this holiday season.  Heavens no…be my guest!  So, this afternoon, after a quick stop at the park with the kids, we headed off to Michaels and went crazy.  I have never seen my husband like this!

I technically wouldn’t have broken the rule if we had simply bought some decorations…but it didn’t stop there.  I was so excited about the stuff we bought that I just HAD to get some of it out and up as soon as we got home from dinner.  Oops!

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