With the evaluation behind us, now what?


On Tuesday Tommy had his evaluation with the OT.  Honestly, I could not have scripted a better experience.  First of all, I really liked this OT.  Tommy and I were both very comfortable with her right away.

Tommy was really in his element with her.  From the minute he set foot in the “green room”, he was off and running.  It was a sensory-seekers dream in many ways.  There was a trampoline, a huge swing, a pile of pillows, a slide and tons of other “hands on” type of toys.  For a whole hour I just watched him go.  He did most of what she asked him to, but threw in a bit of his typical Tommy listening skills.  It was great for me to be able to sit back and let someone interact with him and observe him…someone whom I knew would see all the things I was seeing.

At the end of his hour, she explained to me that it will take a couple of weeks to get the full report written.  But, she had seen enough to know that she will be recommending some therapy to “get him the sensory input that he needs.”  I am so at ease knowing that we have direction now, and am very eager to see what the overall conclusion is in her report.

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