Nature’s Beauty


Life has had me a bit down lately.  Too many gloomy days and too much on my mind…recipe for trouble.  I’ve been craving some good fall foliage for a while now and I finally got it.

Sunday was a beautiful day to be outside.  While it wasn’t the warmest day we had this week, it was the first break in the string of cold, dark, rainy days we’d been having.  I knew we couldn’t let this one slip away.  So, we headed out to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I must say…the sprained ankle I came home with was a small price to pay for the joy that I got out of the sights that afternoon.

First, a stroll through the Waterfall Garden…

Waterfall Garden

What’s this?  Both kids willing to pose for a quick pic…nicely!  (I think this was motivated by sympathy for mommy’s “owie”.)

Kids @ the Garden

The stunning fall color I was dying to see!!

Stunning fall color

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