A major step in the journey


We’ve observed for a while now.  We’ve consulted with many people who know him well.  Many of those people agree with my mother’s instinct.  The rest think its worth at least looking into, and can’t give us any hard facts in opposition of our belief.  Even my own mother (whom I feared would be my biggest opposition) says “It sounds like you’re on the right track.”  The more I read, the more sure I am of this.  And now that I’m watching him from a different angle, I really see how much help he needs.

I need some answers.  I need some tools, not only for me, but for him too.  We’re not in this to “fix” him.  We’re in it to help him.  Today we’re taking what I hope is a big first step in this journey.  I”m crossing my fingers that I get through it without crying in front of someone I barely even know.

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