A little taste of fall


Truth be told, I was kind of hoping for a substantial road trip this weekend. I am dying to see some great fall colors, and I would love to see them right along with some of Wisconsin’s beautiful rock formations. Unfortunately, mother nature was threatening to dump an obnoxious “wintry mix” on our road trip, so we decided to stay local.

We actually took two separate nature hikes this weekend. The first of those trips was a visit to the Volo Bog. My son had visited the bog for one of his summer camp field trips, but the rest of us had never been.  It’s a cute little place actually.  They have a visitors center with all sorts of hands on nature things for the kids.  They have 2 nature trails.  The shorter of the 2 is a 1/2 mile trail complete with boardwalks through the bog.  (This is the one we took.)  The longer of the 2 is a 2.75 mile, more difficult hiking trail.  Perhaps we’ll get a chance to go back there in the next couple of weeks…provided it doesn’t get too cold out.

Pond Reflection

Yes, it was definitely a beautiful outing, but it appears as if fall color may be a few weeks off around here.

Early Fall Color

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